Inktober 2017, Slowvember, and the Wyrd

Venetian style mask, white with red and gold and red ties.
Mask Minoria, Inktober 2017

Ah yes, the wonderful Inktober event for artists. It’s something I’ve been wanting to tackle, yet it’s difficult to tackle when one only remembers the event at the end of October thinking the event is in November. For the first year I actually remembered Inktober starts October 1st. The result was a successful conclusion and completion of all thirty-one days. Yes, I highly recommend participating.

Angler fish which did not catch his prey before his prey caught him - his lure at least.
Surprise Catch, Inktober 2017

Three images, a claw hand and round crystal ball, a diver underwater with a creature peeking from a shadow cave, and a tall ship sailing at night.

All the works were created using ordinary ink pens and paper. For some I underlined, some freehand, and some I worked out problems with several sketches before creating the finished one. Some were created in five minutes, others in six hours. All of them were upload to Instagram in a whiny subconscious complaint of, “It’s not finished! Ah well, there’s always Slowvember.” Overall I learned many different things participating in Inktober, which could only be learned by participating. No regrets.

As far as Slowvember went, I am late to that party. My life changed significantly immediately after Inktober ended, leaving Slowvember to be delayed by two months. The three colour illustrations on this page are Slowvember inspired colour rendered works, in January.

Taking on Inktober I decided to tackle it casually rather than being strict. Loose sketches, imperfect, unpolished, not time consuming, fun, and overall just freedom. All of Inktober 2017 and my other sketches and paintings can be seen on my Instagram page here. As for the future, I’m looking forward to seeing everything happen during the next Inktober in 2018. Remember self, it’s in October.

– Tara Crowley

A crooked older gentleman with a crooked walking stick, walking alongside a crooked fence.
Crooked Man, Inktober 2017

Twenty-eight images from Inktober 2017.

The Inktober prompts for future and past years can be found at the Inktober creator’s page, Jake Parker.

Complete Blog Update, by January 20th 2018

It was time to erase the old blog and build a new one. Glitches, experiments, glitches due to experiments – it was time to start fresh. Some older posts will be returned to the blog, however with a fresh start the focus will be on creating improved content. There has never been epic content on this blog, so it’s no great loss to humanity – kinda like when Geocities went down.

So we shall see in time what makes the future so interesting in art and illustration and creative writing – and this blog.

– Tara Crowley

The Missing Ladybug: A Story in Every Artwork

In every work of art there is a story. I often wonder what master artists in the past sincerely thought about when creating their works. “The eyebrow seems a little low…well its marble, there’s nothing I can do about it now,” or perhaps, “I think the only place for this statue is the bottom of the Thames.” How about, “What a horrible, boring painting; I’m just going to paint over it,” which from modern scanning processes we know many painters in history did.

Two maple leaves on a branch with a backdrop of fur tree needles.
The Missing Ladybug, 2015

Several times when I was sketching the idea for this painting, there was supposed to be a ladybug somewhere. After adding her in the composition, something just didn’t look right. “Maybe placing her there? Not quite. How about over here? Nope, still doesn’t feel right. The decision was made to just add her in while painting. By the time I was done, she just did not want to go anywhere. In the end, I imagine by the time I started painting, she simply flew off.

– Tara Crowley